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This is the sign-up page for participating in the 2018 Calgary Pride Parade with YYC Campus Ministry! 
The Parade itself will be hosted on September 2 at 11:00 a.m. in Downtown Calgary and this is the FIRST time that YYC Campus Ministry will be participating on its own! So we'd love to have you come and walk with us!

We will be hosting a couple of pre-events as well to make signs and t-shirts! So keep an eye on your email for information coming from eden.middleton1@ucalgary.ca (please move this email out of your spam box and into your main inbox so you see everything from us!) Our fabulous summer student, Eden, will be communicating with you about the parade and all the awesome pre-events!

Can't participate on September 2? We've still got you covered!

If you can't walk in the parade with us, but want to help out anyway there are lots of things you can do as well. So please make sure you still sign up. We will be pre-making signs, t-shirts, and other things before the start of the parade and will need some hands to help out!

For more information on Calgary Pride, and for all the other awesome events that happen during Pride Week and the rest of the year, check out the organization's website at www.calgarypride.ca.

Be Awesome and Sign Up HERE!

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Even if you can't walk on the 2nd, we've got lots of other things happening before the Parade! So please sign up even if you can't participate the day of.
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Please check yes to this box, as it allows us to communicate with you about what we are up to for the Pride Parade!
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