On the fourth Sunday of each month, YYC Campus Ministry partners with the Lutheran Campus Ministry and together gather young adults from across Calgary to share in a meal, followed by a contemplative Christian service based on Lectio Divina with a bit of Taize-style music. Lectio Divina is a practice deriving from Origen in the third century. It was most notably practiced by Benedictines in the middle ages and is somewhat updated for the present day.

The evening begins at 6 p.m. with dinner at Trinity Lutheran Church. The meal gives everyone a chance to sit and converse together and to build community. The food is prepared by hand by the Ministry and is handed out for free to any and all who attend. We then head upstairs to the beautiful service space of Trinity Lutheran for our tazie-based service. 

Taize is a lay monastic community in France that produces beautiful music that is used by Christian Communities around the world. There is typically flute and guitar accompaniment to accentuate the experience. On special occasions, we switch from Taize to Holden Evening Prayer, which is a beautiful song-based service from the Lutheran Church. To experience this one-of-a-kind service join us on December 11 for a special Christmas Contemplative Worship Service.  

The service is a chance for students to reflect and contemplate on the world around them through Bible verses. The contemplative service reads through a Bible verse, presenting it slowly and allowing the words to sink deeply into the mind. This provides listeners the chance to fully understand a Bible verse from multiple angles and gives them a chance to more closely connect with the meanings present in each passage.

Join us on the fourth Sunday of every month for this special contemplative service. To keep up to date with this, and every other awesome event we do, follow us on our Facebook page.