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How to Donate

Online donations are being collected through Canada Helps. To donate digitally, please visit our profile here!

Physical donations by cash or cheque can be sent to our offices at the University of Calgary.

Cheques can be made payable to: United/Presbyterian Campus Ministry

Mailing Address:
MB 122
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
Attention: Tim Nethercott

Online donations are being processed through Canada Helps to make giving as quick and secure as possible. Please visit our profile on Canada Helps to make a donation and help us keep making a difference in the lives of Young Adults. 

Student Rhythms drum circle is easily becoming the favourite part of my week. Going from a terrible exam to this musical de-stress space is exactly what I needed. Thank you to the Campus Ministry as well for some brilliant food and company afterwards!
— Ellie Crinall, exchange student at UCalgary in 2016-2017

Why Support the Ministry?

The Campus Ministry is a not-for-profit organization that relies heavily on the goodwill of others to keep operating. We believe it is important to provide students in a secular setting a space where they can explore spirituality, where they can meet like-minded young adults, and where they can feel safe expressing who they are. We are a space of sanctuary for young adults. 

We work directly in post secondary institutions and bring the ideologies of liberal Christianity to students through out the Calgary area. But our programs, and everything we do, is built and operated so that everyone - regardless of orientation, background, or belief system - feels welcome to come and be a part of our community.

We are a pluralistic community, open to all, and we advocate for the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community in all aspects of life and spirituality. We are working to unite people across boundaries, provide students with open and safe spaces, and to show that spirituality works in a university setting.

Each year we interact with over 2,000 young adults. We bring community, connection, acceptance and experiences to these people. We bring community-building drum circles to students every week, free meals and deep conversation during our simple suppers, the experience of contemplative reflection during our worship services, and so much more to students every single day and week. But to keep doing this we need great people to help us along.

The staff and resources needed to run all of our programming (and there is a lot of it) are enormous and, of course, all of it takes money.

Please help us along today to keep bringing spirituality and safe spaces to young adults throughout the Calgary area. Your donation will mean students and young adults will keep receiving healthy meals, community-building activities, and a fully-inclusive space. It also allows us to keep providing a space for liberal Christianity on university campuses.  

My week begins and ends with the drum circle. That’s how important it is to me.
— Cole, student leader with the drum circle at UCalgary from 2013-2017

The Campus Ministry wish list

There are a plethora of things that the Campus Ministry will put your donations towards. Here are some ideas of what it costs to keep our programming running, and places where your money will be put to great use.

$10 - Buy a student a meal

$25 - Tune a djembe

$50 - Buy a drum

$100 - Send a student to the Winter Retreat

$150 - Sponsor a Simple Supper meal

$150 - Sponsor a Lunch & Learn

$250 - Sponsor a summer BBQ

$400 - Sponsor a Peer Partner

$800 - Upgrade the Drum Kit

$1,500 - Sponsor the Peer Partner retreat