Why join the Peer Partnership Program?

  • Join other like-minded young adults!

  • Learn from respected faith leaders!

  • Delve deeper into your faith!

  • Learn leadership skills!

  • Explore your questions about faith!

This program has helped me center my life around my faith.
— Peer Partner Ryan, student at the University of Calgary

The Peer Partnership Program was built for five main reasons, all focused at enlivening the spiritual growth of young adults within the church. These five reasons are: 

  • to promote the development of a young adult’s leadership and faith identities

  • to strengthen their congregational and denominational identity

  • to provide young adults with a network of other like-minded and faith-focused young adults

  • to animate Campus Ministry programming

  • to build a bridge between congregations and the Campus Ministry

Peer Partnership Program Banff Retreat YYCCM

Program Requirements

The following is a list of guidelines to become a peer partner with the program.

  • Be Christian

  • Undergraduate or graduate student at MRU or U of C and/or a young adult between the age of 18 & 29.

  • Be a member or adherent of a Lutheran, United, or Presbyterian church in the Calgary area

  • Be open and accepting of people of all sexual orientations, faiths or of no faith tradition.

YYCCM Peer Partnership Program Retreat Banff Cave and Basin

The Peer Partnership January 2019 version is making a drastic change to the program, but one that we expect will be a very positive change. We are replacing large portions of the program, making it less cumbersome, and opening up options for participants to make the impact they choose. The PPP January 2019 version now consists of two primary events: a bible study and dinner and a learning/leadership opportunity as chosen by the participants.

The bible study is led by the Campus Ministry’s own Rev. Margaret Propp and Rev. Tim Nethercott. This will focus on an in-depth look at biblical stories and themes as selected by the program’s participants during our first meeting in January. The Bible Study will be hosted once monthly in January, February and March prior to the Campus Ministry’s Contemplative Worship Service. There will be an hour of conversation, and then a small meal is eaten together.

The other exciting change for January is that the participants can choose what they want to participate in for February, March, and April. We have developed a list of activities that the participants can choose and build from. It’s a build your own adventure! The list of activities includes participating in a service project, visiting a congregation from each denomination, organizing learning days for each other (learning circles), or participating in other Campus Ministry events. The idea with this change is simple, we want the participants to be able to get the most out of this program that they can. Having the build your own program model for half of the program should allow participants to gather what they need in their participation.

One of the biggest changes to the program this year is the removal of the church requirements. Churches will no longer need to provide a bursary for the young adult’s participation and the young adult doesn’t have any further requirements to take part in events at churches. This choice was made after much deliberation from the Campus Ministry team, as we felt like our connection to congregations has grown substantially since starting the program. In the end, however, the opportunity to remove a large amount of extra work from the backs of participants, thus freeing them up to participate in other church activities without obligations, and putting less stress on them was too appealing to ignore. We will still actively, openly, and with great passion encourage participants to give back to their congregations, but the requirements to participate in their congregations are being removed. Thus, there is no need for a bursary supplement either.

One of the main aims of the Peer Partnership Program is to build community amongst the young adults. To do this we participate in a prairie-wide retreat hosted by the Lutheran Campus Ministries every January. At this retreat, faith-minded young adults from universities in Alberta and Saskatchewan gather at Camp Kuriakos in Sylvan Lake. This gives our Peer Partners the opportunity to work alongside, converse with, and be a part of a wide, church-led, young adult community. We have found that the retreat is integral to crafting community and that the young adults find the experiences at these retreats invaluable life experience. Plus, they are just a ridiculous amount of fun!

One of our long-term hopes for this program is to create a city-wide network of faith-minded young adults who will continue to interact, meet, and keep discussing their faith. We believe a network like this is imperative to the well-being and longevity of the church. 

This program is not geared towards the Campus Ministry starting a congregation of young adults, we have no interest in having a congregation. Rather we are hoping to strengthen the connection between a young adult, their congregation, and their faith. We are aiming to animate young adult ministry across the city in all congregations. We hope you will consider participating in the program.

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