Are you a post-secondary student or young adult, and feel like getting a free meal, great conversation, and a caring community all in one evening? Then join us every Wednesday night during the Fall and Winter semesters for a Simple Supper, where we gather for a communal meal and conversation.

On Wednesdays, the meal starts at 6:00 p.m. in the Faith and Spirituality Centre (MB122) at the University of Calgary and will run until about 7:30 p.m.

On Thursdays, the meal starts at 6:00 p.m. in the Yellow Room (z203) on the second floor of Wyckham House at Mount Royal University.

But how does it work you ask? Well, you can stop by to find out, that’s the easiest way to understand how awesome the Simple Supper is. But if you would really like to know a little more beforehand, read on.

The Idea

To practice an age old tradition, bringing together community over the dinner table. The meal is focused on gathering together not just for food, but to grow relationships and provide a space for conversation and relaxation. Everyone is welcome at the meal, there are no requirements to be a part of any religion or spiritual tradition. During the conversation, everyone speaks from their own life experiences. This is an open table for all.

The Food

Each week food is provided by a different organization and varies greatly in what it is, but there are always a few staples about the meal which you can rely upon. It will be kosher, halal, vegetarian friendly, healthy, and free.

Our meals have gone across the board, across nations and across religions. These suppers have featured everything from wraps and soup to self-made sushi and pancakes and eggs. The food is typically provided by one of the Chaplaincies within the Faith and Spirituality Center or a local congregation.

The Conversation

Just like the supper – the conversation is simple, elegant and thought provoking. Based on the concept of a ‘taking circle’ our conversation centers around a friendly and open discussion of a universal theme. This theme becomes the center of the conversation, and those partaking discuss their reaction to the particular topic. These topics are broad and will allow those from all walks of life to share their own personal interpretation. The conversation is structured, ensuring each person has the opportunity to contribute and the conversation is not dominated by one person. If you wish to come, but feel shy about speaking up in a group, fear not! You are not required to say anything at all if you do not wish to. You can simply come and absorb the conversation. However, we encourage everyone to take part in the conversation as it can be an enlightening experience. These conversations are a way for people to see perspectives from many walks of life and can be a form of introspection into one’s own life. You may even find solidarity with other people who share the same beliefs and doubts that you do. They can be eye-opening, thought provoking, engaging conversations that can simultaneously relax one’s busy mind while also being inspiring.